Joovy Loo Potty Chair, White

To all the mommy’s out there with little boys,you know how hard it can be, to find the right pottyjoov loo potty chair chair. This has to be one of my least favorite stages in childhood. I am a mother of four boys, and I can say that the whole potty process is different for each child. My oldest son really just didn’t get the whole potty thing,until he was three. Boy number two, got it at two, child number three got it at two, but chose to finally use the potty at almost four, and baby number four, well I’ll let you know soon.

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I have been through a number of potty chairs. Anything from Disney Toy story, Cars,potty chairs that make noise, almost everything that a little boy would like. My children did love these potties, but they would leak, or the splash guard wasn’t high enough, and in some situations the splash guard came off, when getting up. I finally found the Joovy Loo potty chair. This potty is awesome for little boys. I was reading reviews on Amazon, and this potty came up. The name was kind of funny, but the reviews were amazing. The Joovy Loo has a very deep bowl, and a high splash guard. This was perfect for my son. Just like other potty chairs, it has a removable bowl,and it’s very easy to clean. One thing I love is the rubber around the edge. In the past I used to put towels under their potty seats, so it wouldn’t slip.  The Joovy Loo potty chair, also has a matching step stool. I  bought both, because I knew one of my boys would put it to use, and it really does look nice in the bathroom. The white Joovy Loo potty chair and step stool really brighten up my bathroom.

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